We’ve crafted the ultimate tool for traders on the go, that will allow you to
build and monitor your trading portfolio anytime, anywhere.

Discover Smart Investing With the Invest100 Trading Platform

Invest100 iOS and Android platforms give you the freedom and flexibility that you need to trade effectively on today’s financial markets. When you’re a mobile trader, there’s no need to compromise on your trading schedule or trading opportunities. Receive price alerts and trading signals and invest wherever you are and whenever you choose to. The Invest100 platforms downscale perfectly to smaller mobile screens with no loss of functionality or performance. You can also carry out full account management, including secure deposits and withdrawals.

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Trade over 1,000 Global Assets

The Invest100 platform makes online trading fast, secure and transparent and puts you firmly in charge of your investments.

Trade on over 1,000 global assets drawn from the world’s forex, stocks and commodities markets, as well as a range of major indices and enjoy:

Price Alerts

Invest100 price alerts give you the freedom to step back from the markets until they move to meet your requirements. Set the rate at which you want to enter the markets and receive immediate notification when it’s time to trade.

Order Execution

In a volatile market situation, fast order execution can make a big difference to your performance as an investor – particularly when you are managing multiple open positions. Invest100 one-click trading feature helps you to exploit changes to the market in just seconds.

Advanced Reports

Access your account overview wherever you are with the smart dashboard. It provides you with multiple analysis tools that enable you to draw important insights on your trading activities, make better, smarter strategic decisions and monitor your progress at all times.

Set the time period you wish to analyze (up to 1 year) and get a comprehensive, visual breakdown of trading instruments, P&L and success rate.

Optimise your Trading Experience

The Invest100 platform is flexible enough to meet every trading style and requirement.